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"Don Money is an exceptional editor and a wonderful human being.  He's a pleasure to work with, which is why it's no surprise that he is constantly booked.  Whether it's drama, comedy or action, Don knows how to tell a story, and that's why I keep coming back to him.  He's got a creative eye, he's not afraid to think outside the box, and he's always perfecting his work.  As an editor myself, I'm constantly amazed at what Don can do.  Editing is like breathing to him... it's effortless."


          -Ben Shelton (Director/Producer/Writer - IMPRESS ME, WAKING, THE FLIPSIDE, CANDY JAR)


"Don has been my go to editor for the past 6 projects I've done.  He's a hard working, solid editor with fantastic instincts and has a knack for finding the best performances.  He's edgy and stylized yet he cuts for the story.  He also loves Diet Mountain Dew."


          -Nick Simon (Director/Producer/Writer - UNTITLED HORROR MOVIE,


"I find Don Money to be an extremely talented editor. His combination of speed, precision, creativity and technical expertise are far beyond his actual experience. He is easy and enjoyable to work with. I mostly admire and find valuable his ability to listen, collaborate and take ideas to a new level and/or execute your ideas to your own perfection and taste. I look forward to working with him again and again!"


          -Eric Etebari (Director/Producer/Actor - SNAPSHOT, DELETE, EXPULSION, THE LINCOLN LAWYER, WITCHBLADE)


"The beauty of working with Don is that you get two editors in one: An editor who works on his own initiative, crafting a first cut that brims with an inherent sense of narrative logic, smart performance choices and good timing, both comic and dramatic. You also get an ‘in the trenches’ editor who will go on the journey with you, working hard to fulfill your creative vision while also making sure the project connects the dots and makes narrative sense. He has impeccable taste, but is flexible and easy to work with during the collaborative process. He’s a team player and truly wants the best for whatever project he is involved with. I would work with Don again in a heartbeat!"




"I can always rely on Don Money to finish on time and with excellent creative execution. He is an editor that makes a director and producer's job a lot easier"


          -Nick Lyon (Director/Producer- EARTHTASTROPHE, THEY FOUND HELL, HERCULES REBORN)


"Don has edited several SoulPancake series and videos, and we love working with him! He has a fresh editorial eye, and edits quickly and decisively. Best of all, he will strive to understand exactly what you're looking for visually, emotionally, and from a storytelling perspective, and will work collaboratively with you to deliver the exact magic that you want."


          -Shabnam Mogharabi (Former CEO/Executive Producer- SOULPANCAKE)


"After working with Don on four short films and three film festivals, I never look anywhere else for an editor for any of my work projects.   Not only is his extensive background in filmmaking a triple-threat with superior skills in editing, acting, and producing, his tireless work ethic and driving passion for excellence is unparalleled. He brings a producer's vision to reality and consistently exceeds expectations. If you want an efficient, uber-creative professional that will take your project to the next level, look no further than Don Money."


          -Leanne Westphal (Producer- EVOLVE PRODUCTIONS, 48 HOUR FILM PROJECT: LOS ANGELES)


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